Journal of Adolescent Health publication: combatting misinformation about gender-affirming care

With Meredithe McNamara, Christina Lepore, Rebecca Kamody, Laura Kuper, Nathalie Szilagyi, Susan Boulware, and Christy Olezeski: Scientific Misinformation and Gender Affirming Care: Tools for Providers on the Front Lines, Journal of Adolescent Health, July 2, 2022.

“Up to 10% of youth express some degree of gender expansivity and about 1.8% identify as transgender. All providers working with children and adolescents care for transgender or gender expansive (TGE) youth, but knowledge gaps and low comfort levels with GAC are common. Legally codified misinformation presents an additional challenge to those on the front lines of clinical care. In this commentary, we identify and correct misconceptions that providers may encounter in this new sociopolitical climate.”

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