Law and Social Justice

Photo credit: Karissa van Tassel

We can and should reform the law to advance the cause of justice.  My research draws on political theory to offer principled solutions to problems of public policy, including social welfare, taxation, child care, retirement, and inheritance. My book with Bruce Ackerman, THE STAKEHOLDER SOCIETY (Yale University Press 1999) helped build the intellectual foundations for basic income and baby bonds. In NO EXIT (Oxford University Press 2004) I made a principled argument for social support for parents — addressing objections made by the childless. And in A NEW DEAL FOR OLD AGE (Harvard University Press 2016), I showed how to reform Social Security to address growing inequality in income and lifespan.

My latest books, both co-authored (or co-edited) with Ganesh Sitaraman, are POLITICS, POLICY, AND PUBLIC OPTIONS (2021, Oxford University Press) and THE PUBLIC OPTION (2019, Harvard University Press).  In both books, we explore how and why government should provide basic public services to all Americans, ranging from postal banking to public child care to a national retirement savings option.