New Article: Psychological Parenthood

Psychological Parenthood (with Anne Dailey and Doug NeJaime), Minnesota L. Rev. (forthcoming 2022). Family law in the United States is governed by an assortment of legal doctrines and policies that often undermine, and sometimes sever, the relationships between children and the adults with whom children are most closely bonded. For example, the “best interests ofContinue reading “New Article: Psychological Parenthood”

Developing Families: Law Meets the Science of Child Development

Science and law are not obvious partners.  Scientists seek to discover the truths of the natural world, while lawyers interpret intricate rules enacted by government.  Practicing physicians treat the mind and body, while practicing lawyers protect clients from the power of the state.  Over the past two years, I’ve been involved in creating a newContinue reading “Developing Families: Law Meets the Science of Child Development”